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Security Hole is a challenging spatial puzzle with a cyberpunk story. You become a hacker who passes 3D virus blocks through security holes to save humanity. The game mechanics look like a workout tool for spatial thinking.

Deceptively simple levels in the beginning lead up to hardcore levels at the end. A large variety of shapes and constraints, randomly generated levels and brute force + random rotation protection will force you to use your spatial awareness in order to proceed. Without developing your mental rotation skills from level to level, you will find yourself constantly failing. In addition, you will have a noble mission to save humanity throughout the cyberpunk story.

Here is one more thing: the game contains an endless survival mode, suitable for eSports thanks to an adjustable level code which allows competitors to play on the same level (built with the same random sequence).

Title: Security Hole
Developer: AnRaEl. Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Founded in March, 2012.
Project start date: 6 December 2014
Release date: 28 September 2016 (Steam), 10 July 2017 (Google Play)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Steam OS, Android
Engine: Unity
History - project start

After the launch of the first title, Epic Ball Game: Space Soccer in April, 2014, it was a hard time with searching for a right idea for the next project. Andrey Demskiy, founder of AnRaEl, was looking for a simple gameplay with hopefully cheap and fast implementation.

Several months later, in October, 2014, he got an insight while falling asleep: cubic shapes were passing through the holes and could be arbitrary rotated to achieve this goal. The idea was rejected right on the next day since there was no obvious and simple solution of how this gameplay can be implemented.

In about two months since that insight Andrey decided to participate in Microsoft's gamesjam. This event took place in Moscow on December 6, 2014. After the morning pitch session two younger developers joined the team and the magic started. During a grueling marathon of continuous coding, which lasted 36 sleepless hours, a first alpha version saw the world. To make it hot, this prototype was retarding as snail just 5 minutes before the presentation. Luckily, these lags were fixed and presentation went smooth. After the presentation, a few developers came to see this prototype in person and played it for a while. They demonstrated genuine interest in the gameplay and it was decided to continue development. 7 months later in June, 2015 the first textured prototype was shown on the business conference White Nights and here all the interesting things got started.

Recent history

Long story short, the game has changed dramatically for a few times under the influence of several game designers who worked on the project sequentially one by one. A dozen of different consumer and business conferences have sharpened the core gameplay and the idea packaging while earning a couple of rewards from industry experts:


Also a few experimental tournaments were organized and they proved that the game is suitable for eSports.

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