Epic Ball Game: Space Soccer is the air hockey revolution inspired by the Star Wars and all the furry creatures around the world! Visit personal El's page to view pics with him. The game is designed for mobile devices and currently available on Android devices. Go get it using the link above!

Epic Ball Game: Space Soccer offers you a new look at the air hockey game series. No more paddles, no more pucks, no more plastic tables! Use tricks, weapons and Jedi knight's reaction in this uncompromising duel to win! Score to the top of the world ranking and/or be a leader among your friends! Play offline and online, enjoy the alien space atmosphere! Whether you like Star Wars or a classic air hockey or just furry creatures and meditation – check out the Space Soccer!

The Space Soccer features:

  • Total immersion into the space atmosphere attainable via graphics and sounds. The game is best played with headphones.
  • Innovative ball control via penetrating energy fields (forget about solid paddles as in traditional air hockey).
  • Realistic physics.
  • Nice 3D gameplay including manual camera control and HD graphics.
  • Tricks:
    • Stones – for defence and crafty hits.
    • Goal mines – make your opponent feel unprotected.
    • Magic path drawn by your finger – reveal your unpredictability.
    • Finger inverse – a real brain cracker!
    • Disco bomb – check your opponent's attention and vision.
    • Train your strategy in singleplayer – more far you go more wise you should use your tricks.
  • Singleplayer mode:
    • Very cute animated clever AI opponent named El ©.
    • 20 levels of progressive difficulty – become a master of the game step by step. Warning: top levels require Jedi knight's reaction!
    • 28 offline achievements.
    • Stats for wins and losts, worldwide and friends leaderboards.
  • Wi-Fi online multiplayer mode:
    • Quick play with a random opponent.
    • Invite and play with your in-game friends and leaderboard neighbours directly.
    • 18 online achievements.
    • Stats for wins and losts, worldwide and friends leaderboards.
  • Two players mode on the same device.
  • Personalization – create your user account:
    • Synchronize your game progress and achievements across all supported devices.
    • Play online.
    • Compete with friends in singleplayer and online modes.
    • Login with nickname+password and/or Facebook and/or Twitter.
    • Import friends from Facebook and Twitter.

I you have any questions about the game and/or encounter problems playing the game you may have a look at our FAQ and known bugs prior to contacting us.

  • El close up
  • Behind El
  • Top down view
  • Looking at El from own goal
  • El almost missed the ball
  • Sad El missed the ball

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